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Date: January 15th 2012
Location: Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B type stars.

Constellation: Taurus
Distance: 390-460  light years
Magnitude: 1.6
Classification: M4m

Mount: NEQ6 Pro
Camera: Canon 450D astro modified
Filter: Astronomik CLS clip filter
Scope/Lens: SkyWatcher Equinox ED120
Guide Scope: None
Guide Camera: None

Exposure #1 (RGB)
3 x 120 Seconds @ ISO 1600
5 Darks, 5 Flats/Dark Flats/Bias

Processing: 0 hours, 6 minutes, 0 seconds

Software: Backyard EOS, Adobe Photoshop

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