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Scaryfish - virtual fishing on the pc

The Scaryfish III Record to beat is a 3187lb 12oz (215.09") Shark by Steve - caught at Sunken Dreams

Scaryfish is a fishing program for the pc that will run on any pc, even a 286. It will run also on both 32bit and 64bit platforms and all Windows operating systems - considering that this program is over 25 years old this in itself is quite remarkable.

This cyber fishing program has been around since 1991, developed by Ahti at PMP-Soft and has developed a keen following in USA, Australia and Europe. The program has seen several updates containing extra fish, tackle, lakes and the ability to rename the fish to those you would expect to find around your local area is a feature included within version III. It also contains a nice screensaver.

Also available is a Make your Own Worlds Utility (MOWU) enabling you to design and stock your own rivers/lakes/ponds. Could your world hold a potential record fish ??

Scaryfish 4 has now officially been released on the Android platform. 

The program designer "Ahti" can be contacted via email at

Ahti's new website is here
 Ahti's Software


Scaryfish instructions are here.

Scaryfish 2 is available for evaluation free here.
Scaryfish 2 extra worlds here.

Scaryfish 3 is available for evaluation free here.
Scaryfish 3 extra worlds here

Scaryfish 4 for android  (NEW)  is here.

RECORDS and SECRETS for all Scaryfish worlds

The best from Scaryfish (versions 2, 3 and soon 4).

Records at Steves Worlds - if you better these then please let me know.

All time Scaryfish Worlds - if you better these then please let me know.

Finally, all your questions answered for each fish, methods, baits, lakes etc. in SECRETS

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